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  • Scientifica has produced more than 200 videos
  • We work all over the world
  • In labs, offices and rain forrests

Using video in your communication is almost a must today – and for good reasons. A short video is an easy way to share and communicate your key messages quickly and with impact. A well-produced video isn’t just for your website. It’ll work well in a presentation, on Youtube or LinkedIn, and it goes well in a newsletter.

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  • Strategy
  • Training and courses
  • Content Production
  • LinkedIn pages and personal profiles
Storytelling and popular science


  • News articles and longer articles
  • Social media content
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures

Writing a good science story takes thorough research and always getting the facts right. Therefore you can expect a lot questions, but you need not start from scratch. Covering science and technology for years Iben Schmidt has a basic understanding of the field, and the questions she asks often inspire new thoughts in the minds of the researchers she interviews.


Scientifica are helping clients
  • Developing websites
  • writing webcontent
  • keeping websites updated

Scientifica can build your website from scratch either inside the CMS of your University/organization or with an external provider such as WordPress, which you can easily administer and run yourself afterwards.
We can write and run the news feed at your website or develop and administer a newsletter integrated in your website.


specializes in communicating complex scientific knowledge in a way that makes it accessible and interesting to a nonscientific audience, yet never oversimplified and never losing depth or scientific relevance.

We provide complete solutions to our clients so they can focus their core business

Every story needs good images


  • Portraits
  • Graphic lab photos
  • Covering Conferences and other events

Images are so important whether you’re building a website or creating content for news media. Luckily Iben Schmidt is also a skilled and creative photographer, so she can easily snap some awesome portraits or labshots as part of the process.


Iben Schmidt has a great flair for presenting science in a good, well-written story and for finding excellent illustrations. She is, btw, an excellent photographer.

Lone Gram, Professor and leader of The Center for Microbial Secondary Metabolites, CeMiSt, DTU